Teacher Self-Care

Happy teachers have happy students and happy families. We can not be fully immersed in the classroom and care for our students if we are not taking care of ourselves. Participants will explore ways to reduce/manage classroom stress, build a healthy school climate, and engage in mindfulness techniques.


  • Carrie Becker

    Early Childhood Specialist

    Carrie Becker

    Carrie Becker is an educational consultant who specializes in early childhood and special education. She has an undergraduate degree in elementary/special education and a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Carrie uses her 20+ years of experience working with children and families to design professional development workshops that inspire teachers to reflect upon and grow their teaching practices. She is passionate about creating environments that foster authentic learning experiences for both children and adults.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Introduction to Carrie Becker
    • Introduction to Teacher Self-Care
    • Objectives
  • 2
    • What stresses you?
    • Your Biggest Stressors
    • Stress Management
    • What is self-care?
  • 3
    Scandinavian Education
    • The Scandinavian Ways
    • Inside a Finnish Teacher's Lounge Video
    • How can you take better care of yourself?
    • Self-Care Ideas
    • Educators Making Connections
  • 4
    Self-Care Outside of the Classroom
    • Intentional and Radical Self-Care for Teachers
    • Caring for your Body and Mind
    • Mindfulness Videos
    • Affirmations
  • 5
    Making a Plan
    • Making a Plan
    • List of Stressors
    • Emotional, Physical, and Professional Self-Care
    • Daily Affirmations
    • Transforming Early Childhood Education
  • 6
    Final Quiz and Course Feedback
    • Final Quiz
    • Course Feedback