Little Bodies Big Feelings

We are not born knowing how to manage our emotions. Young children need our guidance when learning to navigate this often-wild ride. Learn the techniques and strategies needed to help infants, toddlers and two's move towards regulating their emotions.


  • Carrie Becker

    Early Childhood Specialist

    Carrie Becker

    Carrie Becker is an educational consultant who specializes in early childhood and special education. She has an undergraduate degree in elementary/special education and a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Carrie uses her 20+ years of experience working with children and families to design professional development workshops that inspire teachers to reflect upon and grow their teaching practices. She is passionate about creating environments that foster authentic learning experiences for both children and adults.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Introduction of Carrie Becker
    • Big Feelings Little Bodies
    • Objectives
    • Stand Up
    • Think About One Child
  • 2
    • What is self-regulation?
    • Three Areas of Self-Regulation
    • When can children self-regulate?
    • Caregivers
    • Self-Regulation versus Co-Regulation
    • Co-Regulation
    • Infant Self-Regulation
    • Infant Co-Regulation
    • Toddler Self-Regulation
    • Toddler Co-Regulation
  • 3
    How You Can Support Regulation
    • The Keys to Co-Regulation
    • Ways To Help a Child Learn to Regulate
    • Self-Regulation – Tips for teaching your child to remain in a calm state and maintain body control Video
    • More Tips For Learning to Regulate
  • 4
    Final Projects
    • Naming Emotions
    • Emotion Cards
    • Stories, Songs and Fingerplays
    • Stories, Songs and Fingerplays Project
    • Behavior Struggles and Teacher Interventions
    • Behavior Struggles and Teacher Intervention Project
    • Transforming Early Childhood Education
  • 5
    Final Quiz and Course Feedback
    • Final Quiz
    • Course Feedback