In Dialogue with Reggio: An Introduction to the Reggio Approach

The Reggio Emilia approach focuses on fostering relationships. Children are strong, capable, and active agents in their own learning. Participants will learn about the foundations of the Reggio philosophy of education and will explore ways to use this philosophy in their own classroom-learning environment.


  • Carrie Becker

    Early Childhood Specialist

    Carrie Becker

    Carrie Becker is an educational consultant who specializes in early childhood and special education. She has an undergraduate degree in elementary/special education and a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Carrie uses her 20+ years of experience working with children and families to design professional development workshops that inspire teachers to reflect upon and grow their teaching practices. She is passionate about creating environments that foster authentic learning experiences for both children and adults.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Introduction of Carrie Becker
    • Introduction of In Dialogue with Reggio
    • Objectives
  • 2
    About Reggio
    • Reggio: The History
    • Dialogue with Reggio
    • Image of the Child: Your Vision
    • Reggio Image of the Child
    • 100 Languages
    • Video: The Hundred Languages Illuminated Poem By: Sarah McRoberts
    • Image of the Child
  • 3
    Roles in Reggio
    • Role of the Environment
    • Your Environment
    • Image of the Child Reflected in the Environment
    • Role of the Teacher
    • Role of Observation and Documentation
    • Video: Preschool Philosophies: Reggio Emilia Approach | NO SMALL MATTER
    • Role of Child-Led Learning
    • Reggio Videos
    • Role of the Parent
  • 4
    Final Project
    • Enhancing your Practice
    • Transforming Early Childhood Education
  • 5
    Final Quiz and Course Feedback
    • Final Quiz
    • Course Feedback